“ The interior and exterior journey of Daniel Franca to the center and in many ways to the heart of India; soul that is polluted and grey, pure and multicolor. It is from another time and isolated from another life. A metamorphosis of stagnant concepts of tight, asphyxiating patterns , lead to a change, an explosion and implosion of the artist. The chaos that originates from the path to find oneself, that creates a natural equilibrium. All these processes can be seen in the first part of the exhibition in the ‘Museo del Arte Comtemporaneo José María Moreno Galván’.

Entropy resides inside the soul of the piece of artwork titled ‘Water Palace’. In a point of view slightly inferior to the center of the composition the water palace is represented, almost suspended in ethereal form over the water that divides the piece in two different levels marking a line between reality and illusion. The reflection of perception, the chimera of existence, the entity of fantasy, the truth of dreams, the life from death. This palace does not have anything to do with the work that appeared in the series Building. It is somber and macabre. Its windows are eyes that do not see. Empty eyes, black, like the holes of a wasted and broken mouth. The lifeless look of a fleshless skull. The architecture turns into an island of the dead, surrounded by the Estigia lagoon, from which an oneiric perception that it summed up by its facade and its reflection forming an homogeneous and compact group full of melancholic lyricism. The sky turns into water and the water into sky. Gloomy darkness in a grey and contaminated firmament, which mirage is transformed in a light blue and golden sky, where life can be grasped.

Daniel Franca is able to mix and synthetize the meaning of the Entropy through the opposing idea. There is no front or back. No beginning, nor end. A constant and stable chaos. leveled, equilibrated. Like an eternal circle that we could make turn nonstop, in continuous progress, accumulating different levels. Evolving and maturing, like the production and creativity, just like the mind of the artist. Nothing disappears. Nothing is destroyed. ”